Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of North Texas, there was a fun, free ‘festival of creative connection’ called WORDfest - bringing together over 20 North Texas writers organizations and more than 300 writers for a day of classes, games, activities, and unforgettable creative connection.

Once upon a time, in this enchanted land, there was an epic ‘hands-on, gloves-off’ outdoor research camp called Writers in the Field - where experts spread out over two days and sixteen acres, inviting writers to handle horses, don armor, practice calligraphy, learn archery, investigate a crime scene, and so much more.

And in 2019, for the first time ever, these two events will collide. Batten your hatches, buckle your swash, and prepare yourself for a record-setting, catastrophically spectacular literary singularity like no other. When WORDfest meets Writers in the Field, the result is WORDfield… and the wor(l)d will never be the same.

Applications open until January 25th!

2019 Idea Box

2019 Program Application

2019 Exhibitor Application

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