2019 Exhibitors - Saturday

No matter what kind of connection you're looking for, we have something for you. Here are the exhibitors you can look forward to meeting at WORDfest - click any name for more information!

‘AMA Way’

it’s short for “Ask Me Anything”!

  • Becky Burkheart - Horses

  • Lindsey Carmichael - Modern & Olympic Archery

  • John DeLaughter, PhD - Physics, Geophysics, Planetology

  • Rhonda Eudaly - Emergency Management (aka “how society actually can / will fall apart”)

  • Melanie Fletcher - Jewelry Making

  • Phil and Nancy Golden - Electronics, Engineering, Batteries & Alternative Energy

  • John Hemmert - Titanic / White Star Line, Nautical Salvage, Victorian Lifestyle

  • Jana Stout - Historical & Traditional Archery

  • Mel White, PhD - Anthropology, Archeology, Egyptology

‘Murderers’ Row’

if you need a little help plotting the perfect crime…!

  • Adam Arista - Sheriff’s Department, Police Work

  • John Boyd - Medicine, Surgery, Historical Research, Kennedy Assassination

  • Allison and Alex Campolo - Unarmed Combat

  • Brian Foster - Detective, Homicide Investigation

  • James Gaskin - Hacking, Cybersecurity

  • Dave Huss - Ballistics, Forensics, Police Work

  • Dana Ritchie - Medical Examiner’s Office, Forensic Science

  • Luci Zahray - Poisons, Toxicology

‘History in Style’

come see, handle, and even try on authentic and replica garments - and get your picture taken!

  • Shane Richmond and John Stout of Steampunk November - Armor & Protective Clothing

  • Aimee Murphy and Mary Miller of CosMAKtx - Fabrics, Spinning, & Garment Construction

  • Frank Warner of the SCA’s Kingdom of Ansteorra - Medieval & Renaissance Garments

  • Urania Fung and Laurie Brown - Traditional Chinese Clothing