“WORDfield”? I thought this was WORDfest!

Don’t worry - it is! Our sister-event, Writers in the Field, had some weather issues back in October, so we are adding an extra day of programming to our usual schedule. WORDfest will run on Saturday, March 23rd, and Writers in the Field will have a special exhibition on Sunday, March 24th. Both events are free and open to the public, and hosted at TCC-Northeast’s Student Center. So this year, WORDfest + Writers in the Field = WORDfield!

Will the Sunday program be a repeat of Writers in the Field 2018?

It’s a mix! Sunday will feature some programming items from WITF 2018, along with brand-new demos and exhibitors. TCC is an indoor venue with a strict no-weapons policy, so you won’t see broadswords and livestock here - but that also means we can bring you wonders and marvels that would not survive our wild all-weather terrain in October. Watch the Schedule page for more!

Who is WORDfest for?

WORDfest is for writers! We have lots to offer writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and scripts, and we have designed our programming to appeal to writers at every stage of their career. Check out the event schedule to see the full lineup!

So it's a writers' conference?

Not quite (although conference-goers will find plenty to enjoy here!) While we have some traditional classes, our emphasis is on activities, conversations, and connections, with breakout groups and discussion sessions led by a well-qualified, passionate professional. Come sit at a table across from your fellow writers and experts, share what you know, and drink in the insights you need to take your work to the next level!

How can you afford to run this?

True confession: this event would never be possible without Tarrant County College. The Northeast Campus open the doors of their Student Center for us each year - and donates the labor of their security, janitorial, food services, and building maintenance staff - so that we can offer WORDfest at no charge to writers at every level. Please visit TCC’s Mission and Vision to learn more about their vital work in the community. (And if you would like to help us offset our secondary expenses, consider upgrading to a ‘Best of the Fest’ $10 premium ticket!)

What are the food options?

Subway will be open on Saturday, and we'll have Chick-fil-A sandwiches available (as well as some lighter refreshments - the popcorn machine is making a confirmed comeback!)  You're also welcome to bring your lunch if you prefer - there are microwaves and vending machines in the building.

Why do I need to register when it's a free event?

1. Because we have a hard cap of 350 attendees, and you don’t want to miss out!
2. So that we have your contact information and can let you know about any last-minute changes in plan
and 3. So that we know how many attendees to expect, and can plan our quantities (of parking, activities, refreshments, etc.) accordingly.

Plus, registering gets you a speedier check-in, with less time spent waiting in line. It's quick and easy - so if you're planning to attend, do future-you a favor and sign up now!

What should I bring?

Everything you need to have a good time at a writers' carnival! We suggest:
1. Comfortable shoes for walking around indoors
2. Cash for food, merchandise, and/or raffle tickets (there is an ATM in the building too)
3. Business cards if you have them - plan on making new friends while you're here!
4. A favorite bag or backpack, big enough to store handouts and other paper goods.
5. A snack and a bottle of water, and a jacket if you tend to get over-air-conditioned
6. Consider bringing a short (about 5 minutes) sample of your writing if you would like to participate in our open mic session - you can also read from your phone or other device if you prefer.

How accessible is this event?

As accessible as we can make it! All TCC facilities are fully ADA-compliant, with handicapped parking, clearly marked signage, and accessible restrooms. The distance from the parking lot to the main entrance is 400 to 1,000 feet, depending on where you park. We are expecting robust attendance, so if the noise and crowds start to bother you, feel free to recharge your social batteries outside, or in one of the quiet areas to the right of Center Corner. Please note: we don't have any programming with flashing lights or strobe, and ask that you not use flash photography.

I want to help!
Can I help?

We would LOVE your help - this event wouldn't work without an army of dedicated volunteers! Just contact Amanda Arista - events@wordwriters.org - to get started. 

I have other questions!

No problem - just head on over to the Contact page and we'll be happy to answer them!