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Rebecca Balcárcel - Spanish, Middle Grade, Poetry, Traditional Publishing

Rebecca Balcárcel’s debut middle grade novel, THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPY, is due out from Chronicle Books in August, 2019. She is represented by Katie Grimm at Don Congdon Associates. Rebecca took her MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Bennington Writing Seminars and received their Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize. Her poems and essays have appeared in journals such as Third Coast and North American Review. Pecan Grove Press of St. Mary’s University published her book of poems, Palabras in Each Fist, in 2010. She serves the students of Tarrant County College as Associate Professor of English. Find her on YouTube as the Sixminutescholar.


Dr. John W. Boyd - Medicine, Surgery, and Local History

John Boyd has been a physician in DFW for 33 years. He is the editor of “On the Vine” a local historical newspaper and has two published books including Parkland Hospital: Images of America and Grapevine: The Stories Behind Our City Streets. John serves as the Educational Chairman of the Grapevine Wine Pouring Society and teaches an orientation course at UT Southwestern Medical School.

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Dr. John DeLaughter - Planetology, Physics and Geophysics, Sailing

John E. DeLaughter is a retired planetologist living on a sailboat with Nimrod the cat. He has made explosions at the Omniplex Science Museum, frozen stuff at the Miami Science Museum, explored Venus as a NASA intern, played with earthquakes as part of EarthScope, and listened to whales as a Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute intern. His work has taken him to six continents where he has always met the nicest people. He earned a BS in Physics and an MS in Geophysics from the University of Oklahoma, an MBA from the University of New Orleans, and a PhD in Geophysics from Northwestern University.


Rhonda Eudaly - Crisis Management, Small Press Publishing, Short Fiction

Rhonda Eudaly not only has a long and varied publishing career with small presses, she also works with a local city government Office of Emergency Management as the Communications Specialist and as part of the community programs and public education team and as the public information officer. She works state and regional public information and education groups. She’s dedicated in the promotion of preparedness and prevention.

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Sgt. Brian R Foster - Homicide, Investigation, Police Work

Sgt. Brian Foster retired from the Houston Police Department after thirty-four years of service, including over twenty years in Houston PD’s Homicide Division. Working an average of twenty-eight murder scenes annually, Foster worked extensively in collection of evidence, firearms, and terminal ballistics. He is now enjoying his retirement in his home state of Texas, along with his wife and dogs, where he is at work on his next book.

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James Gaskin - Digital Security, Cybercrime, Audio Technology

James Gaskin writes books, articles, and jokes about technology, and consults for those who don’t read his books and articles. He started providing technical answers for readers and clients in his trademark "unbiased and unboring" way back in 1984. Talk is Cheap, book number 16, continues his tradition of helping readers choose and use the right technology for their small to medium sized business. James has long been a leading voice in teaching businesses how to tame technology through articles, speeches, and consulting engagements. Whenever he wants to avoid computers, James plays classical chamber music on the violin and tennis (but not at the same time) in the Dallas area. And sometimes he plays new music on old instruments.

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John Hemmert - Shipwrecks, Titanic, and Maritime Salvage

John Hemmert has been fascinated by nautical history, the Titanic, and the White Star Line from an early age. An avid collector of both military and nautical antiques and uniforms, John has long been active in the world of historical reenactment. He worked for ten years with a maritime salvage firm on a White Star Line vessel that sank in 1909, and was also employed by White Star Line Ltd of Switzerland, as a researcher, in their bid to produce a "Titanic-2" cruise vessel. Now focused on Titanic and White Star Line events and research, he helps organize and participates in events, and holds "Titanic Dinners" in his free time.

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Dave Huss - Law Enforcement, Ballistics, Forensics, Armed Forces

David W Huss attended Ball State University. There, he received masters degrees in both Criminal Justice and Forensics Science. He is a U.S. Army veteran, former police officer in Muncie, IN, was a Criminal Justice instructor in forensic science since 2000 and also teaches ballistics and chemical forensics.

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Jana Stout - Archery, Archaeology

Jana Stout met John through the local Renaissance Faire, where he introduced her to archery with recurve and long bows. Now they both hold NASP certifications to teach archery to kids of all ages, and run a fantasy archery equipment business (Deranged Archery). John makes everything from affordable children's equipment to fantasy leather quivers with matching bow sets. Jana fletches arrows and does minor repairs to equipment. She now works with Girl Scouts as a Range Master and holds a second certification through USA Archery to teach children to adults.

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John Stout - Archery, Jousting, Medieval Combat

John Stout has been practicing medieval and renaissance combat for almost thirty years. He performed with The Freelancers and Rumors of War - two fully-armored jousting teams - for over ten years. He is a certified archery instructor, as well as a bowyer and a fletcher.

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Shane Richmond - Arms and Armor, Combat, Martial Arts

Shane Richmond has been a scholar of western martial arts for over thirty years. He's been a full contact jouster (Free Lancers), a professional stuntman for working on Walker Texas Ranger and Wish Bone, a fight choreographer for Scarborough Faire, Baylor University, and many more. He's a certified instructor for the American Academy of Stage and Screen Combat Choreographers, an instructor of mutiple historical European martial disciplines, as well as a maestro at the H'Aart of Defense School of Combat.


Tex Thompson - Plot and Story Problems

Arianne "Tex" Thompson was once described as "an explosion of 52 enthusiastic kittens latching onto everything at once." In addition to writing the 'Children of the Drought' epic fantasy Western series, Tex is the founder and 'chief instigator' for WORD - Writers Organizations 'Round Dallas. When she's not leading the charge at home in Dallas, Tex brings her particular brand of 'red-penthusiasm' to conferences, conventions, and workshops all over the country - as an egregiously enthusiastic, endlessly energetic one-woman stampede. Bring her your juiciest, knottiest story questions!

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Daniel Wells - Screenplays, Pitches, Story Development

In 2015, Daniel Wells moved to Dallas with three commitments: to visit every writing group in Dallas, get involved in the Dallas writing community, and to become successful as a writer. Since then Daniel’s short screenplay, “The Lamp,” was adapted to film with Dallas Filmmakers Alliance, and he’s curated and presented over three years of hand-written workshop content on storytelling for film, and, as the Development Executive for Dallas Filmmakers Alliance, led multiple 8-week workshops taking writers through the development process for film, over a dozen of which went into production. His screenplay “Lily is Here,” a feature-length heavy family drama with Carpe Diem Pictures, has secured distribution with Global Genesis Group, and is scheduled to premiere Spring, 2019.

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Dr. Mel White - Anthropology, Paleontology, Egyptology, Linguistics

Known to her kids as “Indiana Mom”, Dr. Mel White is a scientist, writer, artist, comic book creator, poet, storyteller, filker, and World of Warcraft player (not necessarily in that order). She makes use of her degree in Egyptology as an adjunct professor at Richland College. She is currently continuing the Duncan & Mallory series (originally done with Robert Asprin) with her new coauthor, John DeLaughter.