Expert Page Review - Sunday, March 24th

Good news, writers! If you have a ticket to either Writers in the Field 2018 or 2019, we have a special treat for you. You can get your work critiqued, fact-checked, and otherwise goof-proofed by one of our real-world field experts - at no cost!

Cool! Which experts?

These ones right over here: WORDfest Field Experts
Choose any one you like!

Awesome! How much will they read?

Ten pages! AKA 2,500 words. But it doesn’t need to be a single ten-page piece of your story. For example, your ten pages might include:

  • snippets from half a dozen different scenes (ex.: just the parts that involve your character speaking Spanish, or handling a gun)

  • you writing directly to the expert, describing your issue(s)

  • a summary or synopsis of your story

  • a short list of questions you would like your expert’s help with

Just make sure to put it all into a single document with your name at the top, and you’re good to go!

How much time will we have together?

We’ll set you up with a thirty-minute appointment with your expert of choice, sometime between 9AM and 4PM on Sunday the 24th.

What if I have to arrive late or leave early on Sunday?

Don’t worry - the submission form has a place for you to indicate your availability. (If there is no way to match your schedule with your expert’s, we’ll contact you in advance to ask for your second choice.)

What is the deadline for turning in my pages?

Sunday, March 17th at midnight!

How do I submit them?

Easy! Just use our WORDfield Expert Critique submission form.

I want to do this, but I don’t have a Writers in the Field ticket!

Then you should absolutely treat yourself! You can pick up a WITF 2019 ticket right now, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else. (They are only $65, and that includes the whole weekend!)

Wait - I still have questions!

That’s okay! Just email Bud Humble - operations [at] , and we’ll be happy to help. See you on the (WORD)field!