Saturday, March 24th - 9AM to 4PM

Here it is! Remember: except for panels and activities, listed programming items are all breakout sessions - small, expert-led discussion groups. Some will be more popular than others - please arrive early and bring all your burning questions!

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WORDfest 2018 Morning Schedule - updated 3/14/18

NOTE: all programming items are subject to change!



Center Corner
(Contains three breakout areas)


Conf. Room

TV Lounge


8:00 – 9:00

Hallways open; registration begins

9:00 – 9:15






9:30 – 10:15

Session I

Full-length sessions happening in one divided room

Reviving/Republishing Your Backlist – Jodi Thompson

Panel: “The Big Ask” – how to request readers, blurbs, referrals, reviews, and everything else under the sun 

Royer, Klein, Rooks, Eudaly, Atwood (m)

Activity: Crowdsourced Storytelling

Daniel Wells

Writing and Selling Short Stories

Bill Ledbetter


Getting an Agent: How and Why – Rebecca Balcarcel

Your Book Marketing Recipe for Sizzling Sales

Shayla Raquel

Doing Research Right
Kathryn McClatchy

10:30 – 11:15

Session II

Avoiding Rookie Mistakes as an Indie Author – Robert Rooks

Panel: “Writing Outside Your Identity” – tips for responsibly and realistically portraying other races, genders, abilities, & beliefs

Balcarcel, Ledbetter, Douglas, Fields (m)

Activity: Storyboarding Tools and Techniques

Amber Royer

Developing Your Creative Confidence

Michael Guinn

Making it as a Hybrid Author

Kathleen Baldwin


Controlling Runaway Ideas and Competing Projects

Urania Fung

Tax Issues for Writers–Jim Brown

11:30 – 12:15

Session III

How to Make an Audio Book

Stewart / Rolon / Hamilton

Panel: “Avoiding the Money Pits” – there are a million ways to spend money on your writing career – but which ones are worthwhile?

J. Brown, Z. Brown, Helt, J. Thompson, Wells (m)

Activity: Creating Blackout Poetry

Krystal Norton

Writing Through the Tough Times

Sara Seese

How to Break into Ghostwriting

Blake Atwood


How to Start Getting Speaking Gigs – Jeff Klein

The Secrets of Scene Structure Amanda Arista


WORDfest 2018 Afternoon Schedule – updated 3/14/18

NOTE: all programming items are subject to change!



Center Corner
(Contains three breakout areas)


Conf. Room

TV Lounge


12:30 – 1:15

Lunch Break – buy or bring your lunch and join one of our genre/interest tables to meet other kindred spirits!

1:30 – 2:15

Session IV

Avoiding Medical Mistakes in Your Writing

Dr. John Boyd

Panel: “What I Learned the Hard Way” – successful writers from multiple career paths share their hardest-won wisdom

Guinn, Williams, Baldwin, Banerjee, Arista (m)


Activity: Practice Critique Group

(help us critique a sample work and discuss best practices for choosing and using a critique group)

Sarah Hamilton,
Bill Ledbetter,
Sara Seese

Surviving Rejection
Blake Kimzey

Screenwriters’ Secrets for Every Storyteller

Daniel Wells

Building Your Audience with

Existing Media Fandoms
Jennie Komp

Working with a Cover Artist or Illustrator- Jodi Thompson

2:30 – 3:15

Session V

Thriving as a Midlist Author – Kathleen Baldwin

Panel: “Writing Sustainably” – living a balanced and healthy writer’s life – pursuing your dream while avoiding neglect and burnout

Balcarcel, McClatchy, Ledbetter, Rooks, Kimzey (m)

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Barbara Wilson

Activity: Open Mic Performance

(come test your courage by reading 3-5 minutes of your work out loud!)

Michael Guinn

Writing Richer, More Gripping Nonfiction

Rusty Williams


Making Characters Come to Life

Ann Fields

Choosing and Using an Editor

Zetta Brown

3:30 – 4:00


Raffle and Closing Remarks